Stylish Summer Glasses from ASOS

Summer is finally here, and one thing I learned last year was to invest in some good sunglasses. Not only they are an absolute necessity, but they also make you look pretty cool and hide those heavy eye bags on early morning school runs! Everyone here wears them.  Indoors, outdoors, winter, spring and during the summer you will find them permanently glued to my head.

Last year I went through about five cheap sunglasses and being pretty clumsy, I tend to sit on them or drop them, so in total, I think I must have spent £60 during the year. But this year, I’ve come prepared and with the joys of online shopping, I ordered a couple of aviator glasses from ASOS.  Even though they are affordable, they are pretty well made, hopefully lasting me through the summer or maybe even see me through next year!

I found that metal rimmed sunglasses are better for long wear as it’s light on your face, plastic or thick rimmed sunglasses tend to make my face sweat like crazy, specially in the heat of the summer. So far I prefer the the River Island Gradient Tinted sunglasses (pictured), this is a lot more flattering against my skin tone. The Coloured Enamel Aviators was a lot more bolder and after trying it on, it would suit a more younger wearer, so I handed that to my 13 year old son, who was pleased with the unexpected present. An ALL WIN situation.

ASOS use WNDirect Iberia which takes three to five days for an order from the UK to be delivered to my workplace Valencia. They also offer worldwide shipping on all orders.  But also living in the campo, I have had my share of difficulties in receiving packages, so unless you have a known city or town address or a postbox account then getting couriers to the countryside is nearly impossible!

Even though online shopping is great and a lot of companies ship to Spain nowadays,  I still miss the British High Street.  I have not yet encountered anything similar in Valencia. Malls are great for finding everything you need in one place, but the high street still rates the top for me.  It is something I really appreciate and indulge in when I go back to visit. But for now I will enjoy the benefits of having high street labels send to me thanks to the internet!

ASOS Aviator Sunglasses

This posts was not influenced by ASOS nor it is a paid review.



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