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How we spent the Fallas Festival

Fallas in a Valencia School

Apart from missing the ‘Nit del Foc’ & ‘La Cremà, we still manage to attend some events at our village. At the start of the Fallas our village organised a paella concurso, a popular event in Valencian communities.

The whole town attends this noisy, but spectacular social event. We got to the main square at about midday, the streets were already filled with people taking part in the competition, fires were lit, paella pans at the ready and loud bangs of the fireworks echoed along the narrow streets. Read more…

Birchbox: Finding out the Best Beauty Products in Spain

Birchbox Spain

I’m a fan of brands such as, Benefit, Urban Decay, No7, Soap & Glory, Botanics just to name a few.

I know that a lot of these brands are not available here, so when I take a trip back to the UK, I tend to stock up and bring enough to last me for the next trip. But, that is not always the case and sometimes I tend to run of the things I need the most.

Read more…

The best DSLR camera for bloggers

Best DSLR Camera for Bloggers Nikon D3200

I love stumbling on to blogs rich with images, if you’re like me, I like to take my own photos, whether it would be a product review or just in general to insert on my blog posts for my readers to enjoy.

It adds a lot more originality compared if you were just to pick up any images on Google. Plus, I like to be creative in this way and living in the mediterranean I cannot ask for a better place to take lots of photos! read more…

Much in need of a chill out night with Ben and Jerry

Por Fin Juernes!

For more frustrating matters… HOMEWORK. The boys get A LOT! A lot compared back in the UK, specially when it comes to my 6 year old who have started Primer on September.

Every night he is required to do at least 3 homeworks, and usually these homeworks can be two or three pages long. Also bear in mind that he goes to school from 9:00 am – 17:00pm. read more…

Medieval Market Fair: Spring Fiestas in Valencia


On the first week of April last year we attended a medieval market fair in the next town of Llíria. I can’t really remember how we got to know about the event, more than likely we stumbled upon it while out on our weekend roam.

The market was held the Plaza Major, and every year they celebrate Sant Vincent Ferrer who was the co-patron of the town and during this time, locals and visitors can enjoy historical reenactments, music, games and shows. read more…

Spanish Birthday Parties: Saying no to birthday parties because they are too long!

Spanish Birthday Parties

I’ve never hosted a kids birthday party while we have been here, but my youngest have been invited to a few. Today he came home with another invitation for a birthday party tomorrow. Yes, you heard me right, tomorrow! With the amount of invitations I have received over the year, I can now safely say that in Spain, they don’t care much about giving you notice.

So of course, every time, I run around like a headless chicken trying to organise what he will need for the next day. read more…

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