• Infographic: Childhood Immunisations in Spain
  • Surviving 12 weeks of summer holidays
  • The problem with Hank…
  • Feeding My Italian Vice: La Pappardella Valencia
  • Nivea dolls: Learning the importance of sunscreen through play!
  • Hola! Back from a month hiatus
  • Houses, homeworks and packing
  • Warm Days, Easter and Celebrations
  • Boutique Hotel In Valencia: Our Weekend At Caro Hotel
  • Café del Duende: Flamenco In Valencia

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Infographic: Childhood Immunisations in Spain

Childhood Immunisation in Spain

From birth until they are between 14-16 years of age, all children have to be immunised. In Spain, it is no different. Once you have moved into your new home you and your family will need to visit the local clinic to be checked and assessed, more importantly if you have small children. Having your child immunised will prevent them from catching various and serious

Surviving 12 weeks of summer holidays

12 weeks of summer holidays

It’s been a month since my son broke up for the summer holidays. And yes you read that right, we have 12 weeks of school holidays here in Spain starting from the 22nd of June. Long gone the anxiety that I use to face back in the UK, as I recall dreading the upcoming 6 weeks. Nope, living in Spain makes you one tough cookie

The problem with Hank…


I haven’t updated about the house hunting situation lately. Since I came back from the UK we must have viewed a dozen of houses already. Of course, nothing is as straightforward when it comes to making the big decision. You see, in the past 3 years we have been living in a pretty large house 350m2 with a large garden of 1000m2 to be precise.

Feeding My Italian Vice: La Pappardella Valencia

La Pappardella Valencia

Just over a week ago we celebrated my husband’s birthday, with family coming over too, it was a great excuse to try something other than paella! Don’t get me wrong, I like the stuff, but it’s also nice to try something different other than Spanish food once in a while! I remember seeing a little funky Italian restaurant in Calle Bordadores when we visited Crêperie Bretonne during

Nivea dolls: Learning the importance of sunscreen through play!


Now that the summer is truly well upon us, we are spending a lot more time outside. With the temperature reaching up to 40 degrees on some days, to be exposed at those high temperatures even on a cloudy day can be very dangerous especially for younger children. During the summer, we are lucky enough to enjoy continuous sunny and warm weather. Having the pool

Hola! Back from a month hiatus

Back from hiatus

It’s true, I have not updated for over a month. April became a big blur as soon as I took my trip to the UK. With a lot of things going on, including our home moving plans, work and kids the month quickly passed. As if by magic it’s already June and I’ve feeling particularly guilty for the mini hiatus. My UK Trip It went

Houses, homeworks and packing

Houses Homework and Packing

A few days ago I updated you about what’s been going on lately about our house moving plans. I’m glad that I mentioned it because as if, by magic, we have been contacted by one of the properties that we really like! Hallelujah! At last! Somewhere that my husband and I agree on. It’s not far from where we are now. The house is energy

Warm Days, Easter and Celebrations


Most of you will be on Easter holidays now, I hope you’re enjoying your break! My boys broke up from school on Wednesday, so we’ve had a relaxed end to the week. Now that Spring is well underway, at least we can look forward to warmer months and, of course, the summer holidays! Life has gone back to normality since my in-laws left for England

Boutique Hotel In Valencia: Our Weekend At Caro Hotel

Boutique Hotel In Valencia

The more I visit Valencia the more I fall in love with the place, so it was no brainer when my husband and I decided to take another weekend break just 30 minutes drive from our home. I tend to visit the city often, but not to sightsee, I guess I forget to appreciate it now that it’s been my home for nearly three years.

Café del Duende: Flamenco In Valencia


Over the weekend, we found ourselves child-free, thanks to my in-laws who came to visit last week from the UK. They kindly offered to take the children off our hands so that my husband and I can spend a little alone time together. ;) We didn’t waste any time organising what we wanted to do, which was to spend the weekend in the city. Check

Fallas: From Penguins, Sponge Bob to R2D2


There is no easy way to say this but, after all, our hard work, on Monday our ninot did not make it out of the cremá. This year we had another good turn out at school, as expected parents and children created and delivered great artwork on the theme of film and music. You can see from this colourful pile of art just how much

My upcoming trip to the UK

My upcoming trip to the UK

Excited! The first word that comes into my mind! I have finally organised my trip back to the UK for next month! Flights and hotels are booked the only thing left to do now is to look forward to seeing my much-missed family and friends! This trip will also be a little break for me, sin hijos and all! How I treasure these little breaks

RECIPE: Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Jamón Serrano

Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Jamon Serrano

It’s been a while since I shared a quick recipe with you, so I want to share something that’s really easy to make and one of my favourite tradional Spanish breakfast – scrambled eggs with spinach and jamón serrano (revuelto con espinaca y jamón). My husband prefers this to be served in a bocadillo, but I find it far too heavy to be eaten with

Liebster Award: Discover New Bloggers

Liebster Award Discover New Blogs

Thank you to Linda for tagging me on this quite funky Liebster Award – you’re a star! I’ve only met Linda a few weeks ago through blogosphere and so far she’s come across to be a really lovely person and I always look forward to reading her latest finds and thoughts. An expat like myself, Linda left Holland and transplanted herself in the beautiful city