• Things I Do When My Husband Is Away
  • Fireworks & Paellas
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  • Fire Safety and Comfortable Living In Spain
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  • A day in Barcelona
  • Raising Kids In Spain: School Meals
  • Discover Valencia in 30 seconds
  • I Guess It’s Valentines Day
  • Things I Miss From Living Abroad

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Fireworks and Paellas

Fireworks & Paellas

This week has gone far too quick. I can't believe that it's already been a 7 days since our trip to Barcelona. Now, here I am again getting the usual things sorted for school tomorrow. I really need … More

A day in Barcelona

A day in Barcelona

It's only an hour ago since I got back from Barcelona with the boys, my husband headed off to his business trip this morning, leaving me and the boys to get on with it for a couple of weeks. It’s … More

Valencia in 30 seconds

Discover Valencia in 30 seconds

This 30 second timelapse video of Valencia hows you a little glimpse of this beautiful city, a place with a combination of traditions and modern architecture, from the rice fields of Albufera, … More

Valentines Day

I Guess It’s Valentines Day

Bah humbug!!! I'm not a believer of Valentines Day, to be honest it's not something we celebrate. Similar to any other events during the year such as Christmas and Easter, Valentines days have become … More

Things I Miss From Living Abroad

Things I Miss From Living Abroad

With this cold weather hitting us lately I really wish I can hibernate until Spring. The past week have been colder than normal, with snow hitting many parts of Spain. Thankfully, we've not been … More